Weight Struggles

I’ve always been a curvy girl. It’s escalated over the last 5 years, with the amount of stress on my shoulders I have put on an enormous amount of weight.

I used to hover around 68-72kg and that was okay for me, even though I was a little depressed at going over the 70 mark. One day I went to try on some jeans and I was over size 14, and that made me feel really down. That was so many sizes ago though so size 14 would be amazing in comparison.

I had just hit 90kg about 6 weeks ago when I went to see my doctor with my concerns. My medications haven’t changed in the last year and that’s all relatively settled, and I have a job that has a lot of physical movement – lifting heavy boxes of stock and doing laps around the store. I was walking a km an hour for every hour I was at work, but I wasn’t seeing any movement on the scales. And I was eating better – I was eating breakfast to get my metabolism going, and healthier lunches and dinners.

My doctor did a full blood workup to see if there was any problem with the results, but all were normal. So I cut back on bad food and also did more exercise to see if that shifted anything. The scales went the wrong way. My stress levels were also still right up.

Yesterday I clocked in at 93.2kg just four weeks after my last doctors visit. I’m about to start some medication to try and get it back down now because the next step is seeing an endocrinologist to find out if there is really something wrong.

I took a photo of what I look like today, which I’m not too upset with, but I’ll use this as a comparison along the way and post it when there are some results. Stress often makes my weight go down, but that’s excessive crazy situation stress. This stress is just relatively normal ongoing work and money worries, and it’s making it go up instead, and making me feel worse about everything.

Hopefully there’ll be some good results so I feel a bit better and have the strength and energy to take on other problems in my life!

Benefit Brow Bar – The Conclusion

A week and a bit after the Benefit relaunch party, I was invited back for a brow tint and shape. I’ve never had my eyebrows tinted before and wasn’t sure what to expect but let them do their thing!

Here’s a before all the fun shot:


After this part, the tinting goes first to tint up any lighter hairs that could be part of the fuller eyebrow, so some colour is mixed up to match what we are after and brushed onto my eyebrows for a few minutes. It’s very weird having it done sitting up too, but different. It’s nice!

Then the waxing and this didn’t hurt at all but I always end up being very red after:


So this is looking pretty good already, right? Now we do what Benefit calls their Wow stage, so some extra brow styling and:


Tada! I love them. I have always had thick bold brows but the tint just makes it one step better than before! The Benefit Brow Bar is NOW OPEN in the Myer Centre Adelaide, make an appointment or try for a walk in – it’s great and the girls are brow experts so don’t be worried about your brows at all. :)

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My friend Celeste is studying to be a makeup artist and with some of her classmates, invited their friends over for a makeup afternoon. I took my housemate and we went and had our makeup done for the day. Pity both of us had to work early in the morning, but it was fun. Here’s what Celeste did for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her work as she progresses through her training. :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.43.36 pm

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Benefit Brow Bar Adelaide Opening

I was VERY lucky to be invited to the opening of the new Benefit stand in the Myer Centre last Wednesday night for a special invite only celebration of the new Brow Bar!


I have been excited about this for a long time, because brows are a Very Important Thing and I always have trouble keeping mine looking any good. Adelaide is finally on the beauty bandwagon!

You’re probably asking what a Brow Bar is, right? Benefit have highly trained eyebrow professionals. Well, they’re trained in other things too, but they have training specifically for waxing, tweezing and shaping eyebrows to match each persons facial structure and shape. I think this is fantastic! It beats going to a salon where they just rip out the strays and you’re done with no shape or style.

There are so many aspects in the world of beauty, and being trained specifically on eyebrow shaping and waxing is really important.  Getting your eyebrows right can make a whole world of difference to framing your face. Mine are very dark and coarse so I know this is a big thing!

The night began with a bit of mingling and also my dear friend Kitty who manages the stand fixing up my makeup so I felt more like a real human being instead of running straight from work.


After a few photos, we had Jess from Benefit showing us a brow tint and wax. I’ve never had a brow tint before and I’m not entirely sure I need one still because I have such dark brows as it is. I will let the experts handle that for me though!

As a special bonus, we were all invited to come back for a complimentary tint and wax. I am the kind of person that just plucks stray hairs and deals with eyebrows, or every once in a blue moon will go into a salon for a quick wax because I can’t be bothered, so this will be interesting to see before and after. I will also purposely not touch my brows too which is HARD because it’s a whole five days away still.


Benefit is just beautiful and they have such beautiful products too. They were very generous and gave us a few goodies which I am reviewing now and are all amazing. I have had the POREfessional before from a previous event but it was very good to get another little sample because the stuff is just wonderful.

The new Benefit is now open in the Myer Centre and I strongly urge you to go and have a look – you can’t miss it, it’s so warm and welcoming and pretty.

My follow up with my newly tinted and shaped brows from Benefit will be up soon, and they are everything I hoped for!

From now to wow, new tinted and waxed brows

From now to wow, new tinted and waxed brows

Adelaide Beauty Conference 2013: Wrap Up

For the last three years I have been involved with the Adelaide Beauty Conference, an event created as an annual meet up of beauty bloggers in Adelaide for a full day conference style event. The first year I donated some cupcakes and came as a guest, the second year I was involved in cupcakes and cake pops again as well as photography, and this year I was on the committee and organised the website plus other bits and pieces (and backup photography).

It’s been a lot of fun, and a great new hobby to get involved with. I have been blogging for many years under different websites and for different purposes (I have a cooking blog too) but I really wanted to get more into lifestyle and beauty so meeting Celeste and the other Adelaide based beauty bloggers was a real privilege.

This is my makeup and outfit for the day:



After a welcome, the day started off with a session from Laura and Robyn from Guinot. I have met them once before at a meet in May, and they are just lovely. Laura did a demonstration of a Guinot aromatic facial on Christine the volunteer!


Then onto Couleur Caramel, which also involved a competition in pairs for the best makeup in a few categories. This design was one of the winners!


Steph hosted the Beauty Hunt activity, which was a bit of a treasure hunt style competition. It involved going around the room and scanning QR codes and answering the questions that come up! I thought it was a really innovative way to run a treasure hunt.


The Cupcake Table sponsored this years cupcakes, because I’m not doing them anymore (and I was on the committee) and the popcorn ones were yummy!


We had Davroe just after lunch, but I didn’t get many photos after lunch because I was SO tired after finishing work at midnight the night before and having barely any sleep.

Davroe was great to learn more about. I’ve known about the brand for quite some time, and now they are vegan! Davroe are also cruelty free and locally made and produced here in South Australia. A big tip from Davroe is that if you’re using an anti-dandruff shampoo every day and you still have issues with your scalp, the shampoo isn’t working. It should be a repair shampoo but not an every wash shampoo. Something to think about!

The last two sessions were on the legalities of blogging and a photography workshop from Christina from the Hungry Australian. The most important point I took away from the blogging workshop was “The internet is a very permanent medium” which is so true with Facebook these days and the media being so intertwined!

Christina returned to ABC for the second year in a row, last year being on the panel and this year running her own workshop! She showed us her journey in improving her photography, it is absolutely amazing.


And finally, a group photo from the morning with everyone (except me because I’m taking the photo haha)!

Thank you to the sponsors: Guinot, Couleur Caramel, Two Bit Villains, The Cupcake Table, Davroe, Nature’s Organics and People for Plants!

I can’t wait for my fourth year being involved in this super fun day with other Adelaide based beauty and fashion bloggers. Yay!

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T Bar Chai Latte Syrup


I always said I wouldn’t be one of “those” people who orders a really weird, hipster coffee or similar hot drink. Unfortunately I have fallen into that phase of my life where I have begun ordering chai lattes. Not just chai lattes either, skim milk not-too-hot chai lattes with two sugars. I figured out pretty quickly that a lot of full cream milk drunk very quickly makes me feel sick, but skim doesn’t, so skim it is. Oh well. I don’t really mind being hipstery! And whatever, it’s just a hot drink. Who cares! Haha :)

To be honest it always intrigued me before I started drinking them, what would a chai latte taste like? Is it a coffee? Well, not really. It’s like a sweet spicey drink that could be along the same lines of a hot chocolate in terms of a flavouring + textured milk. It’s not as heavy as a hot chocolate but still a warm and sweet comforting drink. The reason why I’m writing about this is because this is the brand syrup we use at work for our chai lattes, and while having cravings for one and googling the syrup to see if I could buy it in another brand or similar, I stumbled on THIS. It’s made by the same company so I know it tastes the same and I am super excited!

T Bar have just released this too, it’s new – in a fancy looking bottle for $19.95 and I ordered one as soon as I saw it! I’m so excited for presents in the mail.

I would have gone to pick it up and save the $6.95 postage fee, but parking would cost me a similar amount, and my lack of willpower for spending money would cost me probably twice the value of the syrup itself, especially as the two stores are in Rundle Place and the Central Market.

If you like chai latte this is super tasty! A++ 10/10 will buy again (ebay style feedback)

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sushi and shopping


I’m working split weekends for three weeks (Wednesday and Sunday are my days off) so yesterday I took my brother and sister for a browse around the shops with a little bit of spending money. We spent a lot of time looking in EB Games, with a brief visit to the sushi place, and then back to EB Games (haha!)

I’ve also been on the hunt for a new handbag and wallet combo. I’ve found this lovely teal one in the Kardashian Kollection. I’m a bit hesitant because Kardashian, but I really like the design of the bag and wallet and the colour, and I haven’t found anything else similar. Teal/aqua is one of the colours that suits me really well (so does burnt orange, but I didn’t want that in a bag colour) so I’m a big fan of anything in that colour lately!

After a throwaway comment late last week that I could write and sell my ebooks full of baking knowledge now that I’m not baking for work, I started writing my first ebook again. I did have a brief draft already started on my other computer, but I think I like the new one a lot better so far. I only have my first book planned so far which is based off of the Cupcakes 101 class I used to teach, but later on I might make some based on the Cake Pops, Macarons and other classes I did.

Oh and the show! I had to work all Saturday so my step mum took my entries down for me and well, my cupcakes came second in my category. I had no way of getting first because the first place winner in cupcakes actually won the best exhibit in show! I was thinking of making roses for my cupcakes at first, but decided to go with the oreo cupcakes because I was short on time anyway. Still won second which is great. And none of the family won anything in scones, but that’s okay – as a result of entering, I have a fantastic tasting new scone recipe that I want to eat a thousand of!

This weekend is the Adelaide Beauty Conference and I’ve been helping out with bits and pieces on the committee for the last few months. I’m looking forward to seeing it all come to fruition. I better charge up my camera – the last time I used it was when I flew to Sydney for a wedding in March, the poor abandoned thing!

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Baking again


I haven’t used my mixer in over two months. Considering I normally wouldn’t go two days without baking cupcakes before, it was weird but familiar to return back to the mixer.

On Friday I baked my entries for the Coonalpyn show. I made scones (white choc and macadamia) and Oreo cupcakes.

I enter every year and I’ve won an award every year except one and this year my cupcakes won second place. I’m happy with that. I like baking for me, and I think I will do some more of that instead of turning away from the KitchenAid forever.

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october playlist

Image - 16 Oct 2013 22.27.28

I thought I would share some of the songs that I like at the moment. I usually keep my music tastes pretty quiet because I know music can divide a lot of people and cause arguments, like if I were to admit I liked Miley Cyrus etc etc. Which I don’t – only because my work radio station overplays her music and I have to listen to it 900 times a week.

My music tastes are actually quite varied! I will go through a pop/rock kind of phase and then move back to dance and mix between. I don’t really like heavy metal or stuff like that but I’m fairly receptive to most genres. And I love 80’s and 90’s music :)

I started using Spotify again a couple of days ago and made a playlist with everything on it so you can listen to it easily here and also as I find other songs during the month to add to it!

Dolphin Cruise

Image - 14 Oct 2013 23.12.51

1. View from the pier  2. Looking out with everyone from the front of the boat  3. Port Adelaide Lighthouse
4. The Port River Dolphin Cruise boat

After a long couple of weeks I got to enjoy a full two day weekend off work! I was lucky enough to be invited out to my aunt’s 60th birthday on one of the dolphin cruise boats at Port Adelaide. There was about 50 or so people there and we had a delicious bbq buffet and my favourite, apple crumble for dessert. I didn’t see any dolphins though but they were sighted during the cruise by others.

The theme of the night was loud ties and butterflies. The ladies wore butterflies and the men wore a loud tie. I thought it was a really fun way to incorporate a theme into a party, and I found one of my old butterfly necklaces while I was looking for something else on the day – saved me going to rummage for something!

On Sunday we all got together again (just the family this time) for a big afternoon bbq. A lot of that side of the family is from interstate, so we all take the opportunity to catch up as much as possible. I had already seen everyone the night before and had an early start at work so didn’t stay for the whole day but was great to get together again and eat some home made food by the family.

This week I’m heading down to Murray Bridge to see my sister for her 24th birthday (already wow) and then entering a couple of categories in the Coonalpyn show, which is a yearly tradition for me since I started making cupcakes in 2009. I’ve won most of the years and come second on the others. I don’t make them now for work purposes, but it will be fun to make some to send down. They’ll be my first cupcakes I’ve made in months – I haven’t touched the KitchenAid since August. And no, I don’t miss that job one bit!

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